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Jasa Akuntansi, Pajak dan Pengembangan Perusahaan

Grace Consult Tax Accountant

a tailored approach to grow your business sustainably and profitable.

Majority of our client has succeeded to double their sales and headcount after 2-3 years working with us.

Our Story

Trusted by over 30+ clients and 100+ families to build their business and serve globally.

Meet our comprehensive attention to develop your business further.


90% business owners focus on operation and not back office administrative task


60% of business failure was due to mismanagement on finance, accounting and tax when reaching the Company business initiatives


70% business growth were built from mutually trusted and committed people to grow the business together

Meet The Team

Empower your Finance, Accounting and Tax functions

Founder stage:

No headcount for back-office function

Founders has clear focus to scale up and grow their core business. Founders also able to prepare their business up and running without plenty of uncertainty / trust issues on finance/accounting/tax related matters.

Medium stage:

5-20 headcount for back-office function

Grace Consult oversee current accounting and tax policies and procedures. And assessing its financial impact towards the policies taken. We also provide valuation and projection analysis and recommendation to ensure monthly performance has achieved its annual financial target.

Growth stage:

1-5 headcounts for back-office function

Board of management able to create clear focus on what to achieve in the long run for FAT function by entrusting the reviewing process and internal guidance is always available from Grace Consult. 

Grace Consult oversees each transactions changes/ relevant updates to provide current business trends and opportunities to be pursued from FAT function.

Hidden stage:

>20 headcount for back-office function

Reach Grace Consult for next hidden stage pursuance

Grace Consult clients have managed to improve their financial position, operational scale and business acumen with historical record as follows:

Total assets increased 3 fold

Total sales increased 2-3 fold

Net profit achieved after net loss position before working with Grace Consult

Grow your business with less worry and more focus on sustainable growth for all relevant stakeholders.

We consistently provide meaningful relevant feedback to maintain your finance, accounting and tax efficiency and quality performance.

We build an efficient method using various business software to record all your finance, accounting and tax performance in timely manner. 

We prefer online software to improve decision making process, accountability and ease of prompt data update across different business function on real time basis. 

Monthly Accounting Tax 

What we do:

Real on time input and updates across different business function and using Grace Consult specific formula, able to identify which item to be specifically reviewed or updated especially related to its tax matters.

End result:

Monthly report summary to give a quick snapshot and alert on what’s next for your business acumen skills. 

Tax Due Diligence

What we do:

Review, guide Grace Consult clients tax policies and act as liaison to the Tax office. 

End result:

Client will be able to understand their historical tax issues/exposure and take necessary steps to minimize the existing tax exposure historically and progressively.

Payroll Service Assistance

What we do:

Review, analyze and calculate all payroll policies to meet the best available payroll structure that satisfy Company financial needs while at the same time fulfill employee expectations by optimizing the tax payments.

End result:

We aim to have payroll solution for every employment stage that meets tax regulation and perhaps a better take home pay.

Financial projections

What we do:

Provide scenarios of operation initiatives financial impact and how it shall improve their financial position in the long run.

End result:

We aim to build executable step by step actions to achieve the financial targets with less hassle and less complications.

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