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"A long journey, shall be pleasant if we walk along together"

As an accountant, we understand how your business ought to be carefully calculated in order to improve exponentially. We have the desire to provide the best solution for your company by building an accounting and tax base that synergizes with other divisions.

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Through accounting, tax and financial planning, this universal language becomes a rhythm for assessing the Company itself. The management approach becomes apparent from repeated transactions recorded or by articulating the Company's long-term strategy on an ongoing basis through numbers and recorded results. We also do not forget the Company culture that will characterize the results on the financial statements.  We have experienced various industries in one of the best Companies in Indonesia and World-wide; and become a separate provision of the blessings that have been given by God Himself. Through these experiences, we understand what can make the Company move forward. Things that seem trivial also have a significant impact on the Company's financial statements and its progress.

Grace Consult understands these steps need to be taken together, because any Company based on "Cash is king" may not be able to show the coveted financial statements. Or "Customer is king" credo may not be able to show adequate intended cashflow. We understand your business is precious to you, and we strive to increase the potential of your Company.

For us, the long-term impact is the aim that we would like to achieve, and we are grateful for the Almighty God's guidance in building our Client's and our business so that it becomes better as time goes by.

  • Registered Accountant

  • Certified Tax Consultant

  • Certified Accountant

  • Obtain underwriter certificate from Indonesian Financial Services Authority (2017)

  • Investment Manager Representative from Indonesian Financial Services Authority (2017)

  • Broker-Dealer Representative from Indonesian Financial Services Authority (2017)

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Quantitative Analyst with R programming language

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Our Values

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Cost Effectiveness

We appreciate the time and effort that you have invested in working with us.

We always provide recommendations that consider your performance in the long term.

The solutions we offer are based on existing data and updated scientific disciplines; so that it becomes an integrated and accountable solution.

Result-based Solution


"Developing business through finance, accounting and tax solutions to excel with current business challenges."


"To grow business globally, responsibly and sustainably in the long run."

Trusted by over 30+ clients and 100+ families to build their business and serve globally.

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