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Gracia Jessica is a registered Tax Consultant

at the Ministry of Finance


Gracia Jessica, our co-founder, is a member of Asean CPA


Monthly Accounting Tax 

by registered tax consultant and accountant

Jasa akuntansi dan pajak | Jasa konsultan Pajak | Jasa perencanaan pajak | Jasa pengembangan Perusahaan

What we do:

- Input financial transactions with regard its tax implications according to relevant General Accepted Accounting Principles

- Update tax regulations and financial report in timely manner

- Analyze tax effects within the existing financial conditions using the latest tax regulations

You receive:

- Financial statement and tax report is submitted timely (if all relevant data is given on time)

- Analyze financial, accounting and tax and the effect for the next 5 years ahead

- Guarantee to be your tax representative for the next 5 years ahead on what Grace Consult team has done.

Jasa akuntansi dan pajak | Jasa konsultan Pajak | Jasa perencanaan pajak | Jasa pengembangan Perusahaan

Free 30 minutes consultation to calculate the potential benefit you can redeem by using Grace Consult services

Tax Due Diligence

by registered tax consultant and accountant

Review Tax | Tax Planning Payment

You receive:

- Calculation about the tax implications for your Company going concern 

- Planning of tax in the long run and committed to pay a healthy and responsible tax payment

What we do:

- Review total tax liability, all accounts related to tax payment and tax possibilities in the future.

Provide relevant regulation that helps to calculate tax implications to your business up to 1 year ahead

Provide counsel for the next 5 years for tax report submitted by us

Review Tax Payment | Review Tax Planning | Review Tax Compliance

Free 30 minutes consultation to calculate tax planning potential for your Company in the long run

Payroll Service Assistance

by registered tax consultant and accountant

Documents filling for payroll

What we do:

- Review, analyze and calculate all payroll policies to meet the best payroll structure

- Considering payroll recommendations that meet the company's financial needs while meeting employee expectations by optimizing tax payments

You receive:

- Solution to determine Employee salary that shall entice performance within the prevailing tax regulation

- Option to calculate the employee tax for your long run business going concern

- Privilege to administer healthy culture and responsible using the prevailing Regulations

Payroll Tax Calculation | Payroll Tax Management

Free 30 minutes consultation to understand the effects of Tax Regulation to your salary structure.

Financial and Tax projections

by registered tax consultant and accountant

Dashboard from Grace Consult

What we do:

- Provide financial and tax valuation that is relevant for investor / creditor based on our independent review

- Provide your in-house representative to negotiate your business valuation, to achieve win-win agreed price within the long run performance

- Provide input and guidance during transition period to ensure the funds received can be used according to its agreed purposes.

You receive:

- Grace Consult to recheck the valuation consistency that you have agreed before and perform your tax obligation accordingly

Bargaining power when selling a portion of your ownership

- An option to choose investors/creditors that fits with your vision and mission

Outdoors Meeting

Free 30 minutes consultation to assess your business valuation and how you can grow further in the long term and plan your tax payment

Taking our clients on the journey to growth

Grace Consult prepares a roadmap for Small, Medium Enterprises to have them able to receive investments and obtain funding from other parties.


Grace Consult also managed to have the Client's operations and decisions in finance, accounting & tax in pursuance for independent profitability.

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