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Up in the air: why do you need a Standard Operating Procedure?

If we want to grow higher and better, we need a certainty that it will run safely and ensure better performance. This challenges must be managed and mapped out early.

Your business is running smoothly, your employees are enjoying their work and their productivity is beyond question. You find yourself in an "OK" condition where things can grow according to your plan. So why record all this activity in Standard Operating Procedure?

Standard Operating Procedure

“Why are my employees doing this? Don't we have another way that has been done long ago and it works? Doesn't he/she know that we used to do things the way we normally do?"

You have your own winning formula, culture and ways of getting what you want. Not everyone can understand this, or even commit to do it. There is a "code of conduct" in Your Company that regulates how employees with certain duties and responsibilities should act. Round-the-clock training is a very time-consuming task and requires collective control over the new employee's behavior. Moreover, if an employee does a ‘hit or miss’ that can change the Company’s image immediately. The level of customer/supplier’s trust can be significantly eroded if there is no Standard Operating Procedure in Your Company.

Mapping your Operations activities

Your company has its own culture of how you conduct your operations. Your customers love it, your suppliers value it. This is the right time to map the activities of your employees, so that the capacity and efficiency of the Company can be further improved with Standard Operating Procedures.

Grace Consult supports Your Company to manage and map your business processes, from revenue, cost, customer satisfaction cycles and provides highlights of these cycles. This will help you determine how much time each activity will take, as well as what you don't need. This will help you in carrying out the documentation process and achieving business goals at the same time through the creation of Standard Operating Procedures. This is why all activities must be recorded: To provide meaningful benefits.

So exactly what am I going to get?

"I want reassurance that when I'm up in the air, I know everything will go smoothly, even when I have to land."

We understand the business growth opportunities and how you want to achieve something better than "just okay." After your business process mapping has gone well through a quality Standard Operating Procedure (to obtain ISO), we will look for the added value from SOP, do You want to improve your team's performance, or increase your sales? This will allow you to achieve your goals even better.

Being up in the Air

The important things you have already documented. You know your team's strengths and weaknesses. You can even add or change something so that your customers like it. That's when you're in the air, giving even better benefits.

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