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Tax Service: Your monthly obligation

Updated: May 16

Tax court or Pengadilan Pajak

Tax is an obligation to the State that must be fulfilled. Variable tax types and amount per type make entrepreneurs rethink whether their business is worth running with all the tax obligations they must go through?

Grace Consult sees tax as part of your business, which needs to be considered in the long term in choosing which obligations to take. Many parties prioritize the ease of taxation, but there are also those who prioritize its efficiency.

Tax efficiency is when the Company pays tax in accordance with the current laws and regulations and does not exceed the existing regulations. Meanwhile, the ease of taxation is the ease of paying and reporting your taxation activities.

This convenience and efficiency are what Grace Consult offers in its services. Opportunity to strike the right balance in your business. Opportunity to have a new perspective on Taxation.

Grace Consult also has experiences of dealing with Tax Audits from the Tax Service Office; also Tax Due Diligence for clients who want to become their investors. One of our clients is a client who is preparing for expansion, as well as an IPO. Grace Consult has a registered Tax Consultant at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia to face its International Taxation.

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