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Pitching the Right Investor

Updated: May 16

When you are too busy building your business, you have to think about the long-term targets and what attracts investors to enter your business.

Just thinking about day-to-day operations is already quite challenging, especially when it is added to the question: "Where will this company be in the next 5 years?"

Have you thought for your team's progress, operations and the investment required to achieve this?

Many company owners when being asked this question, will answer: "the important thing is just go for it first." Without the thorough preparation, this question is like a "batman trap" for business owners.

There are many things to consider from this Investor question. And are you ready to answer in 2 minutes, for years of hard work?

Of course You don't want it to missed the opportunity and answers it randomly.

Therefore, Grace Consult provides services for making Company’s roadmaps, in terms of Financial, Human Resources and Operational. We help you to build your dreams from the smallest things to the big ones. As we know, building goals requires a long-term commitment to consistently achieves short-term goals.

The success of building this long-term successful culture will affect your Company's performance. Therefore, we understand, the roadmap that we are going to create is not just a theory, but changes how your Company can do extraordinary things from ordinary things.

Our roadmap provides options for an IPO, getting a loan, or receiving an injection of funds from Angel Investors. But most of all, are you ready for this change?

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