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New Company Preparation

Updated: May 16

Sometimes, there a lot of questions about how to build a new company. What should I do? Do I need a system? How to make it more profitable?

Grace Consult is here for you to build your company, we are experienced in building start-up businesses, food and beverages, and also trading and manufacturing services.

In building this business, we built the accounting system, how to make the business to be profitable and the monthly financial reports and taxes. Long story short, we help your financial system to run well.

The accounting and taxation systems that we create also make it easier for you to manage your financial statements with Accounting Standards that are suitable with your Company and the latest Indonesian Tax Regulations.

Your Internal Team is not ready yet? Or you don't have a team at all? With Grace Consult team, you can choose the best path towards your business goals, in a responsible and win-win solution for all your Company's stakeholders.

When you need your internal team to have a "sparring partner" for Finance, Accounting and Tax objectives, Grace Consult assist you and the team to meet the milestones immediately.

Accounting and Tax, Financial Statements preparation become easier with Grace Consult. Looking for an Accountant? Grace Consult is a Practicing Accountant and Tax Consultant who has been approved by the Minister of Finance in carrying out Accounting and Tax practices.

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