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Why Accounting Services?

These days, everything has been recorded and computerized. Why not my financial records?

As a business owner, increasing revenue and marketing might be the main focus of your daily activities. Doing financial records, managing invoices and company’s expenses can slow down your resources to increase business growth. Therefore, Accounting Service is needed to move the burden away from you, so that you can still see your financial performance without having to worry about recording it the correct way (i.e auditable).

Program Akuntansi Accounting Program Used

“Can I just use Excel for my accounting program? Or do I have to buy certain accounting software? How much is my budget and how can I obtain an accounting report that complies with financial reporting standards?”

Some people prefer Excel accounting reports because they are easier; some people choose Zahir because of its automation. Others may choose Accurate because of the business’ complexity. Or Xero for its monthly financial mobility. Or because it is more agile by online and can help the tax compliance report. We strive to fulfill your needs, whether invoice automation to email, basic journaling and accrual journal templates and daily reports for your sales status. Is it an automated email or tax reporting which are integrated with your accounting record system.

Transactions Recording

Different transactions require different types of journaling. Our Accounting services help to automate your journal input, supported by our Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants who are registered in the Republic of Indonesia, and have the license to practice as Accountants and Tax Consultants which are legalized by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

The accounting services we provide refer to the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Statement ("PSAK"). Our Tax Services are submitted based on the current Tax Regulations in Indonesia.

Types of Reporting

“I need to know my financial status, can I get the report by each line of businesses?”

Some businesses have different types of products, with different operational activities and transactional characteristics. We are here to ensure that your financial reporting can map your performance in a timely manner and reflect the results of collaboration across the company's business lines. For financial reports for each line of business, please see our Management Accounting services.

Monthly Financial Reports: periodic reports that are in your hands

Financial Reporting Service is the final product of our accounting service. Financial reporting service summarizes all your monthly transactions that have been recorded with the current accounting principles. Financial Reporting Services also ensure the accuracy of your tax reporting and the financial performance of your company. We ensure that all transactions are adequately recorded and reported by ensuring that any leaks are as efficient as possible.

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